TypeScript (and its integration with Visual Studio Code) are doing amazing things for developer productivity and reliability with JavaScript. I originally used Flow for type-safe JavaScript, but I’m really seeing a lot more benefits from TypeScript, and have been making new projects (including this site) in it.

Also, it’s getting really popular.


Of all the companies to acquire GitHub, Microsoft is probably the best. What was a critical piece of internet infrastructure held up under a venture capital model will now at least be sustained by one of the biggest tentpole companies in the software industry. They will presumably be able to bring some organizational support and work to shore up the sites notoriously rocky reliability. And a company like Microsoft will hopefully not be able to shrug off a sexual harassment claim the way GitHub did.

I don’t see this alleviating a major problem with software engineering culture, the over-reliance on GitHub as a centralized home of code. Git is distributed by nature and most of the value added by GitHub (PRs, issues, wikis, etc.) are found on competitive platforms like GitLab and Bitbucket. But many companies rely exclusively on GitHub, and many tools like Travis CI support GitHub exclusively. Competition makes everyone better, and Microsoft will probably use its existing platforms to further lock in developers and companies and reduce competition.

I personally use a self-hosted instance of GitLab on my VPS server (which is quite easy to install nowadays), which provides me with all the features I would want and an unlimited capacity of private repositories. I use it for continuous integration and continuous deployment with its built-in Docker image registry, and those images get deployed automatically to servers. I’m hoping to do a tutorial on setting that up.

Interesting timing with WWDC kicking off tomorrow, though.


The Vintage Computer Festival celebrates old computers from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. It was held February 10th and 11th, 2018, at the Living Computers Museum and Labs in Seattle, WA. I spent the afternoon checking out old computers, playing games, and hearing from living legends who brought these computers to life. Come on the adventure with me, and check out the museum if you’re ever in the Seattle area!

The just-launched LG V30 has finally arrived! This new flagship Android phone from LG is gorgeous and packed with features. In this video, we’ll take it out of the box, show everything included, and get it booted up to the first launch. Full review of the LG V30 to follow, so make sure to subscribe!