The party set off from Neverwinter with the supplies en route to Phandalin. They came across two dead horses in a choke point on the road. Hagnar went to briefly investigate, then returned to the cart, only to be ambushed by two goblins with one more sniping with arrows from the trees. Tarot charmed one, while Thunder cleaved the arm off another, leaving the third to run away as Hagnar sniped it in the back.

Thunder discovered that the horses belonged to Gundren and Sildar, and convinced the goblin Grok to bring them to where they were taken. While distractedly talking to Tarot, Grok failed to point out one of the traps, nearly causing Hagnar to fall into a pit. They arrived at the mouth of a cave, where Grok turned tail and fled.

Peering into the cave, the party noticed it was dark, so Azunyan lit Thunder’s axe bright pink with sparkles. This caught the attention of two goblin guards, who shot arrows at the party from a bunch of nearby thickets, hitting Hagnar. The party took shots at the two goblins, with Tarot slicing one’s throat and the other getting hit with a firebolt from Azunyan and a cleave from Thunder.

Heading into the cave, the group sees three wolves, and tries to tame them. Azunyan puts one briefly to sleep, and goes to calm the others, but one is only made angrier, which leads Thunder to quickly kill it. This drives the other into a rage, and the party decides this is more trouble than it’s worth, and heads deeper into the cave.

After a little while, they see a goblin keeping watch who notices the party and begins running off to alert the rest of the goblins. Thunder whips an axe at him and kills him instantly, knocking him into the river below. They decide to try to climb up a rocky embankment but it collapses, knocking Thunder unconscious as he falls into the river. Tarot tries to pull him out but gets dragged in as well. Hagnar and Azunyan pull him out with rope and they spend a couple hours helping him recover.

They head back into the cave, seeing the wolves, and the now conscious Thunder antagonizes the wolves with a face, which stirs the wolves into a frenzy, causing one to yank loose its chain. The party coerces it out of sight and kills it with a fire bolt from Azunyan and a scimitar shot from Hagnar. Azunyan then calms the other wolf, now all alone, and forms a solid bond with it.

Our new dungeon master is working out pretty great.