About Me

Thank you for visiting my personal website! Let me tell you a little bit about myself.

My name is Steve Streza. I love learning and making things, whether it’s software, hardware, computers, wood projects, electronics, or whatever else I get my hands on.


  • I’m a senior iOS engineer at Microsoft (but I don’t speak for and rarely speak about my employer).
  • I write the comic book Envelove with my partner Abby Starling.
  • I make videos on my YouTube channel Strezabyte.
  • I write code for Apple’s platforms using Swift and Objective-C, and web software using React and Ember.

About This Site

My personal website is my home on the Internet, and was designed to be a member of the IndieWeb, meaning my intentions are that:

  • The website serves as the home of everything I put online.
  • Content starts out here and is syndicated to other sites.
  • All content has a permalink that will (hopefully) not change, which you can link to.
  • There are multiple types of content (blog posts, links, videos, etc) that can go to different parts of the site.

There are a few organizational systems used to track all of this content right now, and more may come over time.

  • Each piece of content can have tags associated with it, which signify attributes of the text (e.g. an article about programming for Apple devices may have tags like Apple and Programming). You can click through to those tags to see related content.
  • Content can also belong to one or more projects, which get listed along the content itself. You can click through to a project to see all the content associated with it, along with an optional description of the project and its status (e.g. retired or active).
  • Content can have products associated with them, which will get displayed alongside the content. Products will link offsite to other stores where you can purchase those products. Generally speaking, products contain affiliate links, and I will get paid if you buy the things I talk about on my site. Products listed on my site are NOT implicitly endorsed by being on the site, unless stated otherwise.

The site is statically generated using Gatsby and deployed automatically via my personal GitLab CE instance through continuous integration. This means when I write a new post or piece of content, I commit it and push it to a Git repo. This triggers a rebuild of the entire site, and if that succeeds, the new pages are automatically uploaded to the web server. Since the website is generated statically, the server just needs to return static HTML files, which makes it fast, and when coupled with Gatsby’s use of modern web techniques, the site should load super fast.