So Apple just released iTunes 4.8. One of the most interesting features in this release is video playback and management right from within iTunes. An interesting addition, and suddenly the decision as to why iFlicks got pulled, and was subsequently made into a piece of crap, makes more sense. Apple was probably up in arms about their new feature and didn’t want Helixent storming all over the place with their iTunes ripoff copy innovative immitation.

However, this merely adds fuel to the fire. Especially because some videos have already begun appearing on the iTunes Music Store. Is a video iPod really on the way? Personally, I think that Apple would be stupid not to put one out (OR BETTER YET, ENABLE IT FOR MY IPOD PHOTO!). With the success of the PSP, Apple is actually facing decent competition, drawn in by the many PSP owners.

The two devices are not mutually exclusive – the iPod is really a music player, and the PSP is really a game player – but regardless, the normal consumer isn’t going to pay $500 to get two über-chic gadgets. People like me will, but most likely, people won’t. The PSP does more than the iPod, for around the same price point (depending on what you’re comparing), so most people are going to spring for a PSP. So Apple could very well be emulating that to a certain extent. The iPod has an advantage here of integration – whereas the PSP is operated by whatever app is handy to do the job, Apple has the benefit of having all of their eggs rolled into one basket: iTunes.

I rebought the new Gorillaz song, and tried syncing it to my iPod photo. The videos didn’t copy over. Interestingly, neither did the playlist I put them in. I looked at the files, and noticed that they’re encoded with 3ivx! Talk about odd.

Oh well. Time will tell. Perhaps Apple might try and steal some thunder away from E3 with the iPod video.