The OurColony challenge that was posted yesterday was ridiculously easy. Took me all of about 5 minutes to figure out. Read on for the details.

I took the image that I was given and put it into Photoshop. It looked like points on a graph to me, so I used PS guides to create a Cartesian graph-ish thing overtop of the points.

As I was looking at the pic, I noticed that a lot of them lined up to the origin. So I started rotating the image around, and found out that there was a line from one side to the other three times. So I connected those lines.

Then I noticed that all lines converged on the origin. I thought that it might be a polar graph rather than a Cartesian one. So I started drawing circles to all of the dots.

That didn’t get me anywhere, until I started looking at it closely. It resembled a solar system. Problem was, ours didn’t have 10 planets. Or did it?

Two seconds later, the answer was found.

Planet X