I created an account on Mastodon.social, you can find me on @stevestreza@mastodon.social. If you’re into that sort of thing, you can follow me over there.

Eventually I hope to create an ActivityPub setup that can publish directly to my own site and the Mastodon network. But until then, this is good enough. Between Twitter’s ongoing moral cowardice and their ongoing hostility towards the developers that made them what they are, I can’t continue siloing my data there.

But Mastodon is so far revealing itself to be much more pleasant than Twitter, and it has some interesting forward-thinking decisions that I’ll talk more about later. In the meantime, go find me on there. You can sign up on the instance I use, Mastodon.social, or you can sign up at any number of other instances, such as those found on instances.social or joinmastodon.org. Even if you sign up on a different instance, just search for my handle @stevestreza@mastodon.social and it should work just fine.