I’m joining the iOS team at Tumblr!

Here’s a secret that’s been tough to hold in for the last couple weeks.

For the last few years, I’ve been watching Tumblr get serious about mobile. I first met mb​ and bryan​ while working at Pocket, where I worked to improve their native Tumblr integration. I lobbied to add Tumblr support to shots​. I’ve integrated the Tumblr SDK into my own apps and hobby projects. 

As I’ve become more fandom-aware, Tumblr became a place I’d frequently stop to check out, not just work with. And over time, I kept noticing how good Tumblr’s products had gotten. Subtle things, like little animations here or there, or well-written release notes, or specific platform integration where it mattered, or things just getting a little faster each release. 

Quality like this isn’t an accident; it’s intentional, and it has to be reflected throughout an entire organization, or it won’t survive. There’s a team of super smart and talented people behind Tumblr’s products working really hard to make Tumblr better every day. That’s the kind of environment I want to work in. One where you’ll be challenged to do your best work and learn on the spot, but also be supported awesome people to make it happen.

So a few weeks ago, I reached out to them to see if we could work together. Today, I’m very excited to announce that, in September, I’ll be joining the iOS team at Tumblr to make the mobile Tumblr experience even better. I’ll be spending a little time in New York City to get started, and then working out of the new San Francisco office.

I’m very excited to get started, and working to make Tumblr an even better app for you. See you soon!