When I started this site in 2003, I didn’t really know what to do with it. It started off as a faux-blog, during the blogging revolution, but all I was trying to do was carve out a little hole in the Web where I could put stuff. Since then, it’s expanded to be a full blog, along with many other nice things, like my project showcase, my photos, etc. Up until now, everything’s been great.

But it’s time to give this blog some focus. So, starting immediately, this blog will be focused on the one thing I know best – software. Developing software for OS X, developing web applications, using software, designing UI, critiquing other software, etc. Apple software, Microsoft software, open source software, all of it. It’s the one thing that I’ve spent the last ten years of my life figuring out.

So what does that mean in terms of content? Well, I’ll be working to post more about those topics and more. I’ll also be working to clean up the archives to support this focus (nothing will be disappearing, but I will be moving a lot of it around). Also, I’ll be adding some stuff to the design of the site to facilitate it (such as last 5 reviews, iusethis apps, etc.).

I’ve been kicking this decision around for awhile, as is evident by my last two posts (on iTunes and Coda). I’m confident, though, that this is the best decision. This blog has never really been anything more than just a general soapbox for me to get on when the time comes, as seen by some of my more political posts, so I’m glad to actually be able to turn this into something that becomes more of a resource rather than just a melting pot.