I was looking for something that would display the currently playing iTunes song on my desktop. Nothing, however, seemed to really fit. No solution really looked like it belonged on a Mac’s desktop. So, I wrote one. And here it is.

Introducing DeskTunes.

DeskTunes is a very simple, very elegant way to see what’s playing in iTunes right now. It stays stuck to the bottom left corner of the Desktop, no matter what you do. It even stays put if you try and hide all of your windows with Exposé. You can also rate the currently playing song by clicking the star bar.

Simple. Elegant. Tiny. Out of the way. Beautiful.

The best part? It’s totally, completely, eternally free. Click here to download it.

Update (4/18/2008): DeskTunes keeps getting talked about all over the place, and now on TUAW and Lifehacker. I’m planning on releasing DeskTunes as open-source soon. It’ll be available on Google Code as soon as I get around to cleaning up the source code and making sure it works on Leopard. Thanks for checking it out!