While poking through my logs, I noticed that. What I’d like to bring attention to is the large number of people who visit my site using Internet Explorer. I tend to discourage such behavior, as there are many browsers on the market that do web browsing so much better than IE.

So, here’s what I did. If you’re using Firefox, Safari, etc., you’re not going to notice anything. However, if you’re using IE, you’ll now notice a red bar right below the header. If you click on that, it’ll take you to a web page with some alternate browsers for you to check out. At the same time, I realize that some people might be viewing this at work or something where they can’t just up and download a new browser. So, if you click on that little X button, the bar will go away (fade away, actually), and, if I programmed JavaScript correctly, and you have both JavaScript and cookies enabled, you won’t see that bar again for a year. And if you change browsers by then, you’ll never see it again.