After much toiling and slaving away at fixing really, really cryptic bugs, I’ve released SS 1.5’s first private beta. I’m going to save the details for later, but it’s definitely hawt.

A public beta will, as I mentioned, hopefully come sometime in the next few weeks. I’ve pledged to make this thing as bug-free as possible, because of all the problems that people are having with 1.1.5.

Some details:

  • SS 1.5, as stated below, is a universal binary. It also includes some Intel detection code which (hopefully) makes screen capture work without inverting the image. I’ll need someone on an Intel machine to test it, though.
  • On that note, SnapShooter 1.5 is now Tiger exclusive. SnapShooter will NOT work on Panther. This is because it uses some kick-ass CoreImage stuff on some of the views.
  • The final version of SnapShooter 1.5 will include Smart Crash Reports. Unsanity really kicks ass. 🙂