Saw was an awesome movie. Sure, the acting kinda sucked, and the story was full of holes, but the overall twists and turns made for an awesome movie. That and the gore. Lots of gore. Oh, and the fact that you felt like you were in that crappy (pun not intended) bathroom. All of that added up and made Saw awesome.

So, you’re probably saying to yourself, “couldn’t they have just made Saw 2 like Saw?” Well, reader, Saw 2 failed on every count, including gore. The acting sucked harder, the story had more holes than John Roberts’ testimony for Supreme Court, they dodged most of the truly gory shots (with the exception of a few awesome ones)…nothing! The Jigsaw Killer has his prey for his games, but the story isn’t even about them, it’s about a cop! WTF!!!!!!

Rating: 2/5