The incoming freshmen on CSH (which doesn’t necessarily mean first-year students – it means the people who are new to CSH altogether, which can include any given ‘year’) are required to complete a project as a whole. The project is essentially a fundraiser, with the proceeds going to a charity. Our project was a Texas Hold’em tournament – $5 buy-in, chip leader takes an iPod nano. That went down Friday night.

I was worried it would tank horribly. Murphy’s Law was wreaking havok on us to begin with. First, our tables fell through, so we got different tables. Then we realized that we didn’t have chairs either. Everything somehow managed to come together. Now all we needed was the people.

I was a poker dealer at the event. Doors opened at 6:30, event started at 7:00. People didn’t show up until 5 minutes before hand, but we actually filled. In 10 minutes. 120 people, 10 minutes. It was grand.

I’m still waiting for the official numbers, but if you take into account the fact that 120 people at $5 is $600, minus $180 for the iPod nano we gave, we’re somewhere around $420 in profit, all going to the Salvation Army.