A much, much better episode this week. Some bad timing issues aside, this turned out to be a much more exciting episode than recently, even with last week’s firefight.

Rating: 4/5

The data they pulled off of the McGlenn and Forrester computer turned up a link to some guy in another terrorist cell Marwan contacted. Jack decides to use Dina Araz to go undercover and use Jack as a hostage. In return, Jack’s gonna give Dina amnesty. So they go in, and the guy calls Marwan, who wants the guy (can’t give a damn remember his name) to drive Dina and Jack to Marwan. After a switchMarwan’s people bring in Jack and Dina, and the guy ends up martyring himself. Marwan goes “prove you weren’t being followed”, and gives a gun to Dina to shoot Jack. She is about to, when she points the gun at Marwan and fires, only to find out the gun isn’t loaded. So Dina gets shot and Jack gets hauled off. Meanwhile, someone gets into the Air Force Base and makes to board the plane, as the clock ticks to 9:00. Oh, and Paul is in surgery, but who cares?