This episode was rather boring. There was very little in the way of action or plot-advancement, very little in the way of what the rest of the season will hold (remember, we’re half way through the season and we’ve had not one but two major national security threats), and a whole lot of whining by Driscoll and OMG-I-feel-sorry-for-yous by Heller. There was a little bit of tension near the end, but not much.

Rating: 2/5

Read on for some spoilers (but they’ll be hidden). Here’s a spoiler example.

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We all know Driscoll’s schizo kid died.

So it comes as no surprise that she had to be replaced as head of CTU (thank god). However, it was a little surprising that she was (temporarily) replaced by Tony.

About Madwan escaping after last episode:

Yeah, so somehow Madwan gets out of the building (it looks like he’s jumps out a window into the trash?). He gets on a bus and gets out, despite roadblocks everywhere. He meets someone and mentions something about their plans and the Air Force base. That’s it. He also alludes that he’s going to martyr himself.

As it is, Madwan worked at the company that made the override. So Jack and Paul (Audrey’s husband) went there to try and investigate his files.

The company they go to is all like “omg, we’re scr00ed if they look at our files – let’s blow an EMP and delete everything”. Jack catches on and tries to stop it, but fails…but not before Paul prints out an encrypted file. However, this pisses off the people running the company, who try and take them prisoner. They found Paul, but Jack is still out and about.