Looks like all that speculation about Apple being pissed about how iFlicks was an iTunes ripoff was right.

Hexilent removed a bunch of the biggest iTunes-y things, like the big jukebox LCD across the top of the panel, as well as the big ugly square buttons. But other than that, it still looks like crap.

First thing’s first…what the hell is this? It’s too wide, it’s not aligned with the button, and it’s so out of place.

Next, I’m going to look at entering info on a movie. We get a very iTunes-esque info window. But lets look at Information. The category “Type” allows you to select whether the movie an episode of a TV show, or a movie. Now, maybe it’s just me, but since you aren’t going to put in things like episode information about a movie, uh, gray those out, kthx.

Oh, and while we’re on it, what the hell is this widget?

It also comes down to a ton of little bugs. For instance:

  • If you switch the list view’s text size to “large” (cough) in Preferences, try dragging an item
  • It cannot handle slashes (/) in filenames
  • You cannot hit the delete key to delete a movie
  • If you want to drag a movie into iFlicks, and you’re in “movie view” (does that have a name?), you need to drag it onto an already existing movie, otherwise iFlicks won’t see it

I have Netflix, but I’m not the guy in charge of it in my house, so I can’t really test this out.

Finally, one more thing I want to mention. I have a ton of DVDs. I myself have over thirty, and my household altogether has over 300. While I may have a lot of movies on my hard drive, I also have a lot of them on DVD and watch those from time to time. So is it so hard for iFlicks to throw in DVD playback support? If they could add ripping, that’d be awesome, but at least give me playback.

Rating: 1/5

Pros: Um…well, it does play movies, I guess.

Cons: Bad interface, many bugs, lacking features