OMGWTF!! I’m back! It’s been over two months since I’ve updated this beautiful website. Here’s the DL.

If for whatever reason you unsubscribed from my blog (inactivity?), here’s the RSS feed all over again:

Sometime after Christmas break started, my former host (Underdog Hosting, they suck somethin good) screwed something up. I don’t know if it was with chmodding or some corrupted file somewhere or what. I never got around to fixing it because I was lazy.

At the same time, Dan was thinking about making Wonder Warp an LLC. Well, that sorta finally happened. If I wanted to stay and make apps with Wonder Warp, I’d need to go through a huge pain-in-the-ass contract process that would’ve really sucked. We both agreed that it’d be best if I split off from Wonder Warp.

So, I’m starting my new company, Twisted Ninja Software. I moved to Lypha for hosting, and I’ve gotten the blog working again. I’ve already got some nice stuff lined up, starting with a freeware app for’s online forums, followed by a shareware app that I haven’t found done before…evar. So stay tuned.