Right now I’m in the process of my 4th complete rewrite of my college essay. Why? Because I can’t come up with an aswer to the damn questions. Stuff like “Who is your most inspirational adult and why?”

Who’s inspirational to me? Richard Nixon for having the balls to do a criminal coverup while he’s the damn President.

Who else? There’s Michael Moore for having the balls to come out with an anti-Bush documentary so close to the election.

Who else? Darth Vader, for being such a badass that he could kill someone by squeezing his fist…when the person is light years away.

People who knew how to manipulate the system and become stronger because of it. Can I put that on a college essay? HELL NO. Why? “It’s not what the administration officer wants to hear.” I’m expected to say “The most inspirational person to me is Mother Teresa because she wanted the money she won for the Nobel Peace Prize to the poor people of Calcutta.” Or something.