I know it’s been 8 months since we all got to see far more of Janet Jackson’s right tit than we wanted to, but the money is going to start flowing. The FCC has fined Viacom $550,000 for losing control of her nipple during the Super Bowl.

Now, I understand how anal soccer moms can be about having their precious 7 yaer old hear someone say “shit” on TV. I don’t agree with it, but I do understand that the yuppies in our country who seem to know what’s better for me than I do have to impose their will on me by ensuring that TV that I watch is degraded so that children don’t grow up with potty mouths.

But this is stupid.

$550,000 for a nipple that was on screen for about a half second? COME ON. It was unintentional. It wasn’t ”explicit”. It was a goddamned boob.

We need to grow up in this country. Very few countries of the world are forced to censor entertainment they pay for, and we happen to be one of them.