Back from Erie.

On Sunday, I went to Waldameer Amuement Park, located literally next door to where I was staying. Their premier attraction, the Steel Dragon, wasn’t bad, but their best ride was the Bermuda Triangle, which was three water slides. They dropped you down about 40 or 50 feet. The perimeter slides were fun by themselves, but the center one was the best. You shot down an incline so fast that you almost have to push off of the top wall to prevent hitting it (and you’re going down, so your hand extends horizontally). If you curl up into a cannonball correctly, you spit out of the tube something like 10 feet. It was awesome.

Yesterday, we were on the beach all day. Not much to mention, except we made our dog un-afraid of the water (Sunday he would scurry away from the water when a little baby wave threatened to touch his paws – now, he’ll go swimming a little bit).