Interesting idea; place decals of Photoshop windows on top of advertisements. Clever.


Not as many as I'd guessed.

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So first, Gizmodo's source, who has "repeatedly been 100% correct before", says that Jobs' health is "rapidly declining" to explain why Jobs would not be delivering the Macworld keynote. Then, today we hear about Jobs' health straight from the horse's mouth(, saying that he's fine, there's no problem.

Gizmodo's response? "But we were right on something...The reason why Steve Jobs is not doing the Macworld 2009 keynote is his health." Despite nothing in Jobs' letter saying why he wasn't doing it, Gizmodo decides to just make up what they read, and insert the FUD that this decision was based on Jobs' health.

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With the surprise ending nobody saw coming.

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I was like she was all he was all they were like we were all like oh my god like totally!! 😁

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