The EFF is submitting requests for DMCA exemptions to the US Copyright Office. Among others, they are asking for an exemption for iPhone owners to be able to jailbreak their own devices.

Note that this is different from exempting the iPhone Dev Team, who create and distribute the jailbreaking solution, from lawsuit and/or persecution under the DMCA. This is solely for iPhone owners to do what they want with the device they paid for.


Louie Mantia of The Iconfactory just released another freeware icon set, this time in the style of WALL•E. They look simply fantastic.

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A lot of people have been asking for this on #iphonedev, so here's a snippet for making a thumbnail of a CGImage.


Richard Esguerra from the EFF:

Apple's announcement comes nearly a year after's DRM-free MP3 deals went live, demonstrating that the record labels were holding the DRM card until they could wring business concessions from Apple (in the form of variable pricing). This just underscores that DRM is not really about stopping piracy, but rather about leverage over authorized distributors.

DRM-free music is certainly phenomenal news, but Apple has a long way to go before they can brag about being DRM-free entirely.

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Apparently they left the admin site completely open to the world, and the URL was sniffed out by someone in the audience at Macworld.

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The revolutionary new laptop from Apple with no keyboard; just a wheel. Hilarious.

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A man and wife write a Whack-a-Mole game for the App Store. The game gets cracked and posted online for free. The couple seeks out the pirate and asks why.


So first, Gizmodo's source, who has "repeatedly been 100% correct before", says that Jobs' health is "rapidly declining" to explain why Jobs would not be delivering the Macworld keynote. Then, today we hear about Jobs' health straight from the horse's mouth(, saying that he's fine, there's no problem.

Gizmodo's response? "But we were right on something...The reason why Steve Jobs is not doing the Macworld 2009 keynote is his health." Despite nothing in Jobs' letter saying why he wasn't doing it, Gizmodo decides to just make up what they read, and insert the FUD that this decision was based on Jobs' health.

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I don't know how true or untrue this rumor is; personally, I'm leaning against it. However, it's prudent to mention some recent events around SproutCore, the JavaScript framework Apple uses to write the MobileMe web apps and the MobileMe Web Gallery.

Apple has recently made a large commit to the SproutCore project on GitHub, which was stuck getting clearance from Apple's higher-ups for awhile. Here's a post from Charles Jolley briefly talking about their 1.0 march, dated 12/5/2008.

I haven't personally taken a look at what the changes in Bitburger (the name of Apple's branch) entail, so I'm not sure they're more geared towards developing an application like anything in iWork. Just food for thought.

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While the announcement of the game is itself awesome, this represents another major console publisher bringing a well-known brand to the iPhone.

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