Right before the Super Bowl. One of the country's biggest chicken producers filed for Chapter 11 in December. This reorganization has caused huge slowdowns of their production. Coupled with the looming Super Bowl, expect your wings to be pricey for the next couple weeks.

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This one is for all of those developers out there who scoff at JavaScript. This is a working neural network algorithm in JavaScript used for ripping apart CAPTCHA images (in this case, from Megaupload) and deciphering them. This is really sophisticated stuff, and even though Megaupload has some pretty easy CAPTCHAs, this should be pretty easily adaptable to other CAPTCHAs.


A full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal and USA Today, no less. Those aren't cheap. Way to stay classy, guys.


I was really hoping this would happen. President Obama has, since the election, been working with Senator McCain on cabinet nominations. McCain has said that he would have made many of the same appointments.

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Tim Cook, acting CEO of Apple:

We're not going to play in the low-end voice phone business. That's not who we are, that's not why we're here. Goal is not to lead unit sales, but to build the world's best phone.

Hopefully this kills the stupid iPhone nano rumors. Kills 'em dead. It's not coming, people.

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EVE, the MMO with a heavy focus on market economics, gets hit with another player heist, albeit not a very creative one. Someone took a huge amount of in-game currency (ISK) from a player-run bank they were administering. This has happened before, and is perfectly legal via the rules of the game.

For those interested, this represents approx. $10,300 USD.


Thanks to Chief Justice John Roberts' gaffe during the presidential oath of office yesterday, President Obama (I still smile a bit at seeing that word pair) decided to err on the side of caution and retake the oath today.

Probably not necessary, but then again, I'm not Bill O'Reilly.

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Phenomenal work. (via @hexodus)

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Amit Singh, creator of MacFUSE, has just released an experimental version of XBinary, which allows the Mac OS X kernel to execute binary types other than Mach-O. Examples of using this include executing ELF binaries, PDP-11, Java jar files, and Windows executables.


The new WhiteHouse.gov web site went live at exactly noon. It's got a blog, RSS feeds, and is powered by jQuery.

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