A Flash game where you must manipulate time a la Braid. This game incorporates the idea of a paradox.


FightClub is a Cocoa framework for connecting to and controlling a remote Hellanzb server. It uses XML-RPC for communication. It was written primarily as an exercise with dealing with making networked objects.




People can be really irrational about bugs. And by irrational, I mean hilarious.

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I totally agree with Chris on this one. We are only now getting to the point where users are being exposed to significantly more complex web applications. Atwood is arguing against innovation in that space; I say embrace it.


While the announcement of the game is itself awesome, this represents another major console publisher bringing a well-known brand to the iPhone.

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The fact of the matter is, I'm pretty drunk right now, and this is a drunk storage sale.

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I was like she was all he was all they were like we were all like oh my god like totally!! 😁

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Part of this is Electric Feel by MGMT. The other part...not so sure.

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It's a parody site, but it's quite amusing. The photos under "You-Nicorn" were especially good.