You might be wondering what that is. Well, that is the remainder of a week and a half old banana cream parfait that, sadly, didn't make it. You can view the documentary of destruction by clicking the above image.

Quicktime 7 required, has some swearing


I open Quicksilver, and find that. I just thought it would be good for a laugh.


I've released Nine Figures 3, the third version of the popular and much-loved app that puts the number of songs sold on iTunes right in your menu bar. It's been updated to support the new drive to a billion songs. Check it out, it's awesome.


I've been following the situation in Denmark, Norway, and Syria. As a citizen of Norway, this shit aggravates me very much. Good luck to all of those in Denmark, Norway, and the embassies in Syria.


I got my new ATI Remote Wonder 2 today. I figured I'd tell the world about its awesomeness.

  • One of my USB ports is broken or something.
  • It's very easy to program any button to do anything. ATI made a kick ass utility for changing the button mappings (Mac-only!).
  • It has a LOT of buttons, and 5 modifiers. Gives you about 225 options on one remote.
  • The giant thing in the middle is actually a mouse, but it'll take a bit of getting used to.