SnapShooter 1.5 Public Beta 2 is released. Here's what's new:

  • Fixed the export button bug in the previous public beta
  • Fixed the double-drag-in crash bug
  • Fixed the bug that caused SS to crash when changing the file name
  • Fixed the bug that caused the file name to be output incorrectly
  • About window closes when you click on it now
  • Pasting an image into the preview and changing its size does not cause the image to get blurry anymore
  • Smart Crash Reports have been added

Check it out here.


One of my favorite SnapShooter border aritsts, Antonino Mingoia, has launched his web site. He's also added quite a few new SnapShooter borders, including one of the most gorgeous borders I've ever seen - Ozzpot's Panorama. So check out


It's finally here! The SnapShooter 1.5 Public Beta!

What's New: - The awesome new destination manager. Save your snapshots to a folder, an FTP server, or a .Mac server. Or all 3. - The new border inspector. Look at how borders are put together. - Over 30 bug fixes and tweaks. - Universal Binary (Intel users may still experience issues with the built-in screen capture, as I haven't been able to test on one yet) - CoreImage effects in some of the views

Check it out! You can download it here.

As this is a public beta, there will be bugs, but hopefully, this should fix many of the issues that people had with previous versions of the app. However, should you find any, please send an email to, so that I can fix it. Smart Crash Reports will be coming in the next release.

Finally, this app will expire when SS 1.5 is released, or when I put out another public beta.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this release happen!


As you are mostly all aware, Ebaumsworld sucks. Really hard. Eric Bauman is a thief who steals content from other people, throws a watermark all over it, and makes money off of said content by putting ads on the site, where he makes quite some bank.

Recently, Ebaumsworld put up a GIF animation that originated from one of the greatest stupid sites on the internet, Here's the original, albeit somewhat modded to make fun of Ebaumsworld.

Since then, it's been war. War on Eric Bauman, and his horrendous web site. And we must support our troops.

Check out my YTMND I did in tribute: