Dan reccommended that I check out AllofMP3.com a few weeks ago. Well, I've switched to it from iTMS, and never looked back. I've purchased some awesome music, like Rammstein, Bloodhound Gang, and the Caesars.

Rating: 5/5


So I'm a mirror for Evening at Adler. I'm priveleged enough to have a server with unlimited bandwidth and a 10 MB/sec (that's megabytes, not megabits) connection to the Internets, which means that I'm fortunate enough to be able to share this awesome video with the world, very quickly. Most people who have downloaded the video so far have been in the 200 KB/sec range, which means that I've got enough bandwidth to serve 50 people simultaneously at the full potential of their broadband connection.

Download Evening at Adler Video



Not terribly hard to do, but it looks like a Cocoa table now.


It scrolls! So now she scrolls. Now time to put a table of content in there.


I got out of my last class of the quarter a few hours ago. All I have left are exams next week. My exam schedule is as follows:

  • Monday: Calc 2
  • Tuesday: CS1

That's it. ^^


As the title says, ATi now has a new application that lets you transcode video from one format to another at the GPU level. It only works with the X1000 line of their GPU's, but is very fast from what this article says. How fast is it? Try a nearly 5 minute clip ripped from a DVD and transcoded into MPEG-4 format in about 24 seconds!


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I'm writing this from <a href="http://www.flock.com">Flock</a> because I have nothing else to do.  This seems pretty slick.  I'll have to play with it more.