I've been trying to get the GUI set up for the most part. Right now, I'm stuck trying to integrate the Apple-supplied scroller code properly. I'm still working on it. Notice the OMG WTF repeating - that's just dummy text so that the scroller actually shows. Once I get it to clip the area properly, I'll adjust the slider's position, which shouldn't be too hard.


Yeah, I know its been three hours since I posted. However in that time frame, I grabbed some food and did some other stuff. Here's what I have.

I now have an actual Dashboard widget that loads in Dashboard without problems. However, it doesn't do anything yet. It does display the background and its name.


At CSH, we have decreed that the weekend of October 1st and 2nd will be a huge programming binge. Basically, everyone is required to complete some kind of major project in order to stay in house. My project will be the official CSH Dashboard Widget. It will be a Dashboard interface to CSH's three major projects - Drink, which is essentially a vending machine on the network that you can get drinks from; SOAP, or Shower-Oriented Audio Player - a sound system that lets you play music in the showers; and the Members Directory, a listing of everybody who is still a floor member.

Here is a mockup of what it will look like.

I'm off to go read some documentation on how to make widgets. 😀

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