Some of the little nuances in 24 are starting to become obscenely cliche to the show. Read on for spoiler-laden perspective to see what I mean.

Take for example when the two campers were supposed to be killed by Marwan's henchman. He pulls the gun up to the point where he's going to shoot, the music gets loud, zoom in on the gun, BANG BANG. But, of course, it's not the campers that are dead, it's Marwan's henchman. Jack shows up just in time to plug him before he plugs the campers. Case in point, take a look at episode 15, where Jack was being traded for BEHROOZ, there was a sniper trained to shoot Jack as soon as BEHROOZ was in the terrorists' control again. Same shit goes down - ready to shoot, music gets loud, zoom in on the gun, BANG BANG. Terrorist dies, not Jack.

Very good episode. Very intense action and quick plot advancement (as opposed to a few episodes ago at McGlenn and Forrester). A great followup to last week's awesome episode.

Rating: 5/5


This sucks. I'm in 9th period. I want to go home. I have to send off SycoPod VI. I'm gonna try and go to the bank. I also want to start working on a partial theme that'll skin some of the GUI blue and green, to match my wallpaper. Should be fun.

BUT FIRST I HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE. And I still have to go to f$@*ing Spanish. That reminds me, I gotta go do my Spanish homework...


I had to make a project where we had someone running for office. Any office. Well, we aim high in our projects, so we shot for teh PREZ! Check out our amazing videographed cinematic vision here. Made with iMovie.

Oh, and this is entry 100. Woo?


The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray, but not this one. I went out and bought SycoPod VII, an iPod photo, today, after I sold my other iPod on eBay for $300 (the iPod photo was $320 after a student discount). It's definitely worth buying. I love color solitaire and album art. Photos are pretty cool, too, but there is a lag sometimes.


SnapShooter 1.1 is out. It's pretty awesome.

    Bug fixes and memory leak tweaks
    A new screen capture ability
    Automatic-updating (browser-free!)
    Much less cluttered interface
    7 beautiful new borders
    A gorgeous new help system
    Copy/paste of the preview (paste images in, copy the border out)
    And more!

Check it out! Download SnapShooter 1.1


HOLY CRAP. Did they did they manage to...WOW.

Rating: 5/5

Note: If you missed it, check the 24 Website, because they are doing encore shows. I ain't gonna spoil nothin.


Fresh Toasted Subs!  They suck!So I tried one of Subway's ALL NEW INNOVATIVE OVEN TOASTED Subs today. Specifically, the Chicken Bacon Ranch on Monterey Cheddar bread, with Swiss cheese, extra ranch, black olives, lettuce, and salt and pepper. As much as I like Quizno's, sometimes I just get a yearning for a cold sub. SPOILER LADEN REVIEW IN THE EXTENDED ENTRY! OK, not really. Basically, it sucks compared to Quiznos. Whereas the Q's bread is crunchy and actually feels and tastes toasted, this just feels kind of warm. It's not bad, per se, but it's no Q.

Rating: 2/5


Sin City was absolutely awesome. Awesome action, beautiful women, hilarious one-liners...Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez join my list of gods. They join such names as Quentin Tarantino (who was guest director on the film), Scorcese, and Kubrik.

Rating: 5/5