Well, things are pretty crazy right now. I've got quite a bit going on right now.

Tomorrow, I've got an eight hour workday. Following that is an excursion out to my college. They've got an open house on Friday for accepted students that I'm going to. After that, the movie I've been waiting for ever since I saw the trailer for it comes out. Sin City, baby.


So, my iPod broke yesterday. Again. Dead hard drive. One trip up to the Apple Store later and I've got SycoPod VI (which is getting sold on eBay, per my previous plans).

But, here's some really CRAZY shit. I got about 110 days of use out of my iPod before it died the first time. How much time did I spend with the SycoPod V? About 110 days.. I can now accurately pin down that SycoPod VI will fail around July 13 (which conveniently is about a month before the warranty expires). Unless, of course, I get my iPod photo.


My car's odometer is so close to ticking over I can practically taste it. It's at 999994. It should be ticking over in the next day or so. I've been watching it like a hawk. I can't wait.


Photoshop is fun, isn't it?



A much, much better episode this week. Some bad timing issues aside, this turned out to be a much more exciting episode than recently, even with last week's firefight.

Rating: 4/5

The data they pulled off of the McGlenn and Forrester computer turned up a link to some guy in another terrorist cell Marwan contacted. Jack decides to use Dina Araz to go undercover and use Jack as a hostage. In return, Jack's gonna give Dina amnesty. So they go in, and the guy calls Marwan, who wants the guy (can't give a damn remember his name) to drive Dina and Jack to Marwan. After a switchMarwan's people bring in Jack and Dina, and the guy ends up martyring himself. Marwan goes "prove you weren't being followed", and gives a gun to Dina to shoot Jack. She is about to, when she points the gun at Marwan and fires, only to find out the gun isn't loaded. So Dina gets shot and Jack gets hauled off. Meanwhile, someone gets into the Air Force Base and makes to board the plane, as the clock ticks to 9:00. Oh, and Paul is in surgery, but who cares?

For SnapShooter, I'm trying to implement S/FTP. I've seen two things so far - FTPConnection and CURLHandle. I'm going to try and delve into them between tonight and this weekend and look to see what the best way to upload files would be.


This week's episode was similar to last week's. Some action, little plot advancement, etc. However, there was some obvious tension with the whole Michelle vs. Tony thing, and I found that to be enjoyable (I still have to wonder how Tony risked his career and his life to save Michelle's ass last season, and 6 months later she's gone because 'he drinks too much'). But I hope the season can get some of its luster back. This one and episode 12 were kind of stale.

Rating: 2/5


Check it out. It's freakin sweet.

Download SnapShooter
Download SnapShooter Builder


Tomorrow I will be releasing my new app SnapShooter. It will be Twisted Ninja's first application.

What is SnapShooter? On MacThemesForums.net, people like to take screenshots of things (I'm sure this is true of other forums, but this was designed FOR MTF). Sometimes, those screenshots are huge. So huge that they stretch and distort the forums in your web browser. So the good people over at MTF came up with a unique idea - create "borders" for images that fit nicely into the forums, and when clicked, load to full size.

So this went on very nicely, and the people were happy. At least the people who had Photoshop, which is what was required for such a border to be applied. Even then, you have to deal with loading up Photoshop, pasting in the image, scaling it, exporting it to web, blah blah blah. And if you have a lot of different borders, you have to keep the PSDs lying around. It just took too much time and was just too much hassle. And you could only play if you had Photoshop.

SnapShooter fixes all of that. It starts up with a simple interface. Click around the table and choose a border from the thumbnailed previews. Drag an image into the full-size border. A sheet that looks suspiciously like iChat's buddy icon sheet will let you manipulate it a bit. Then, save it as a PNG. Simple as that. You'll probably spend less time in SnapShooter than you will waiting for Photoshop to load.

Does it use PSDs? No. SnapShooter uses a proprietary file format to store borders. This is done for a lot of reasons. Since PSDs are so flexible and can have many, many layers, SnapShooter can never be sure of where to layer your picture in between those of the artist. SnapShooter's file format is closed, but artists can make borders with it with my companion app, SnapShooter Builder, which I'll also be releasing tomorrow.

Will there be a place where I can find new borders? Yup. I'll be hosting Borders on my site.


This episode was rather boring. There was very little in the way of action or plot-advancement, very little in the way of what the rest of the season will hold (remember, we're half way through the season and we've had not one but two major national security threats), and a whole lot of whining by Driscoll and OMG-I-feel-sorry-for-yous by Heller. There was a little bit of tension near the end, but not much.

Rating: 2/5

Read on for some spoilers (but they'll be hidden). Here's a spoiler example.

This is a spoiler. If you're reading this in RSS, it'll be covered in your browser thanks to CSS. Preview the main page (which is just the spoiler-free part).

We all know Driscoll's schizo kid died.

So it comes as no surprise that she had to be replaced as head of CTU (thank god). However, it was a little surprising that she was (temporarily) replaced by Tony.

About Madwan escaping after last episode:

Yeah, so somehow Madwan gets out of the building (it looks like he's jumps out a window into the trash?). He gets on a bus and gets out, despite roadblocks everywhere. He meets someone and mentions something about their plans and the Air Force base. That's it. He also alludes that he's going to martyr himself.

As it is, Madwan worked at the company that made the override. So Jack and Paul (Audrey's manbitch husband) went there to try and investigate his files.

The company they go to is all like "omg, we're scr00ed if they look at our files - let's blow an EMP and delete everything". Jack catches on and tries to stop it, but fails...but not before Paul prints out an encrypted file. However, this pisses off the people running the company, who try and take them prisoner. They found Paul, but Jack is still out and about.
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