A bit late, but here's some of the stuff I got from Christmas. Man, DelLib needs a lot of things in their incomplete app, but the ability to change the graphic on something is one.


School's out for vacation in like an hour and...20 minutes. Ish. But before salvation is mine, I must endure through a pep assembly. Anyone who knows me that assembling my pep is like trying to build a full size airplane with toothpicks. It ain't gonna happen. So I'm now off for the democratic equivalent of torture.



As mentioned on NSLog();, EA has very nicely taken the entire football video game genre and in one swift, decisive move, kicked everyone squah in the nuts. EA somehow ($$) managed to secure an exclusive license to make football games with the NFL license. That's right, Sega. Sony, you too. Midway? Wait, you still make video games? No more NFL for any of you.

What does this really mean? Well, as we've all seen with Microsoft (and as common economic sense tells us), a monopoly will do nothing more for football video games than put a strangle hold on the balls of all football game players EA into a position where they can say "eh, let's release a $60 roster upgrade this year". And what are people going to do? Say no? Like hell! We'll all be buying it year after year, saying how much it sucks, but not doing anything about it.

Then, after a few years of BS has passed, EA will put out a good Madden game. Why? Same reason presidential candidates start trotting around the country a year before the election. They need to gain face. Then, in 2012, when Sega can release a football game, if they choose to, Madden will look amazing.

Of course, they might end up getting the deal renewed. Who knows. I can only hope that EA doesn't get the NBA license too. That'd be buying the money mint.


It's been snowing here in Cleveland. Since Saturday. Non stop.

I pine for, like, 40.


What's the big deal with the Scott Peterson trial? (For those who don't know, Scott Peterson was sentenced to the death penalty yesterday. In case you haven't seen that, turn to any news channel or any news website and it'll be plastered all over the screen.) Maybe I don't get it. I mean, yeah, I understand that he killed his wife and their unborn kid. But...ok. Fine. He's gonna die. And that's a great thing; the man deserves to die. Hell, I say we hook his nuts up to a car battery and force him to watch Lifetime.

But is there honestly nothing better that the American media in this country can do than to talk for 10 or 20 minutes on a news talk show with "experts" and "analysts" about this? Who cares? Put him to death and let it be the end of it. There really is no need for all of this extraneous discussion. If you want to throw it in there as a 20 second news spot on CNN Headline News, fine. I can live with that; it's a followup to a national story. But I don't need to know where he's going to be executed or anything like that.

This is how a good news story for this would go.

"The Scott Peterson trial came to a close today, as the jury ruled that he should be given the death sentence." DONE. SHUT UP, ON TO SPORTS.

Need something to fill the space? How about a story on how Bush is filling his Cabinet with some of the most extreme right-wingers in politics?


I created a wallpaper based on MTV's show Pimp My Ride.

Check out mah wallpaper!



This is an NSView subclass I've been working on for about a week. It does the vertical animation already. The bar is an NSProgressIndicator (and drags), and the text bars are also custom subclasses that handle NSArrays of text. It works very well.


As a follow-up to the previous entry of the dead iPod, I went to the Apple Store today to try and figure out how to get it working. I chilled at the Genius Bar for a bit while Dave, the resident Genius, did some tests on it, including the highly scientific hold-it-up-to-your-ear-and-listen-for-clicks. After a while, he concluded that it was a dead hard drive, so he whipped out a new one and now that is what I own.

Rest in Peace, SycoPod IV.


Yup. Got the folder + triangle error today. Teh iPod is a-dead. It's going back to the Apple Store tomorrow.



The Sad Panda is a story I made for my PowerPoint class. It's about a panda. Who is sad.

To watch, put it in Powerpoint and watch it. It animates itself.

Fittingly, Windows (gah!) says that the file is 666kb.

Unfortunately, the sounds don't work. I have the music, but there's another sound effect in slide 9 that doesn't work. Download the Happy Tree Friends music for it below, then double click on the sound icon in the lower left corner on slide 9, and locate said MP3. Should work then.

Download the Sad Panda

Download Happy Tree Friends music