The whole conversion to IE thing. Yeah. Done. I'm fast.


Yes, this one is going to stay for awhile, only because it turned out so nicely.

This is my new site design. Obviously it's inspired by Halo 2. I love it. Sound off on how you think.

I'm working on getting this to work in IE for Windows. It crashes IE for Mac. I want to make it compatible because it's going to stick around for a while.


Way to totally fuck this up, America.

So, as you know by now, America is fucked going to be ruled by Hitler Bush for four more years. You can all go fuck thank yourselves for this.

I still stick with my original postulate - there is NO BIGGER THREAT to international security than George W. Bush. None. He does nothing to foster peace talks or pacifying the rest of the world or anything. He ignored Iran, North Korea, and Osama bin Laden to go hunt for oil finish Daddy's job find WMD find terrorists liberate the Iraqi people. Meanwhile, Iran has nukes, and North Korea continues their nuclear proliferation.

God, if you're up there, please help us. We need it.


Bush doesn't deserve Ohio. We need to take it back. All we can do is hope that absentee ballots, provisional ballets, and late-cast ballots (still being cast at 1 AM in the morning) in Cleveland can shift the tide close enough to get a recount or something.

Fuck I'm pissed.


I came prepared for school on Election Day, trying to get my point across as one of the 5 Kerry supporters in my high school. PIX!



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