Totally. Friggin. Awesome.



I bought this book today. I can't wait to start really reading it and delving into some of the details I might have missed.


Comments are temporarily off, while I a) figure out how to get MT-Blacklist to work, and 😎 figure out how to implement TypeKey. I just deleted 1,972 spam messages.

UPDATE: It is now done. Comments are back on.


Here's some stuff I did in two of my classes. Some of them are assignments, most of them are not.

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Here you see my failed entry in FSS's MailDrop 2 Icon contest thing. Mine lost. Although, I must say that the one that won was far superior to mine. I especially love their shadow.

Speaking of icons, I've been working on my app's icon lately. And we've got a release date set. But I'm not gonna tell you. Yet. I'm sneaky like that.


This is a test of MarsEdit's new version, to see if categories are set.


Way to go, Google/eBay.

Try searching for "nigga" on Google. See what you get.


Halo 2. 24 hours. I intend to be one of the first pplz in my city to play it. And I will love every second of it.

See you all on Saturday. Ish.


With the impending release of Halo 2, I've got a countdown app written. I've written several Applescripts about this, but now I've gone and Cocoa-fied it. With a pretty UI and non-cheaty method of making it.

Bug fix: Now you can actually change the date it counts down to.

Download Countdown.app


Question: What's the single biggest thing you're looking forward to in Halo 2?

Kicking people out of Ghosts.

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