I saw Saw last night ('tis awkward saying that). It was awesome. Very unique movie, and very odd ending. Definite mindfuck though.

Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5

The person who orchestrates everything is the guy on the bed in the doctor's office.


Quote: "[10 million more registered voters] could put additional strains on the voting process, already burdened with new rules and machines, lawsuits over registrations and voting procedures, and charges of voter intimidation and fraud."

Pardon me if I am mistaken, but shouldn't our system be prepared for a voter turnout that exceeds 40%, simply logically?


Why is there so much controversy over something as simple as a voting machine? The people at Diebold must be absolute idiots. Any dumbass who's dabbled in REALbasic can tell you how to make a good and secure touch-screen voting machine.

And because I am fortunate enough to own this weblog, I can impose my opinions on whoever I want and thus, PROVIDE A SOLUTION! 1) A voter walks into a voting center and signs in. The clerk who signs the person in tells the computer he's signed in, and that syncs up with a database on the internet, which in turn gets synced up with every other voting center computer (this would also eliminate the problem of people voting in the wrong precinct, a problem which the conservatives of the world seem to be highly against solving). Our voting machine requires some kind of sign in measure to ensure against voting multiple times. To this end, I suggest the same kind of tickets they use in parking garages (at least the one I work at). They could be date-and-time stamped to ensure that a voter votes within, say, 15 minutes of signing in (this could ensure someone doesn't make fake tickets). They could also still be anonymous - having the ticket is enough to ensure that they are registered, and doesn't need to carry any physical information to the voting machine.

2) The voter walks into a booth. He would insert the ticket into the machine, and would be prompted for his vote. VERY IMPORTANT - the user MUST still be able to abstain from voting in a category. If he is required to vote for everyone, he'll say "I don't know anything about which district judge I want...I'll just pick this one."

3) The system should be designed on a system that is much more secure than Windows (read: OPEN SOURCE).

4) When the votes are all cast, a paper receipt is printed behind a transparent piece of plastic (can't get to it). It goes down so far so that the person can see it. Then an approve-disapprove button gets pressed on the screen. If it's disapproved, it gets shredded. If it's approved, it's carted away.



I never did get to this...

Anyway. The movie was beyond rock. It was probably the funniest movie I've ever seen in theaters.

Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5

Read on for spoilers. First of all, the sex scene that's gotten so much scandal.

There are actually two "sex scenes" per se. The first one is with Gary and Lisa, and they _really_ start going at it. This is something no spoiler can reveal - it simply must be seen. The other "sex scene" happened between Gary and Spottswoode (who is like the in-office leader of Team America), who are both guys.

Anyway, general plot spoilage. Boy I love this spoiler thing I made.

Kim Jong Il is trying to blow up WMD all over the world. He's going to do it while all of the leaders of the world attend an international peace summit in North Korea. It's up to Team America to thwart these plans. However, Team America is doing more damage than the terrorists when they try and stop them. So, the Film Actors Guild (F.A.G) have gathered to impose their politics on people, and as such are running protection for Kim Jong Il. Thin plot, I know.

I got my copy of GTA: San Andreas today. Already, its totally sweet. Expect to hear a lot less from me.


In appropriate setting with my new site theme, I'm going to go see Team America: World Police in about a half hour. Spoiler-laden review to follow (don't worry though - spoilers are covered by this handy setting I have - check it out).

This is a test of the emergency SPOILER system.

RSS readers: fear not! The spoilers will be put in the extended entry where you can't read them...unless you visit teh site. OmG!!~1


I just discovered MarsEdit. I'm writing from it now as we speak. I LIKE IT. This'll probably end up to more frequent blog posts by moí.

It's made by Ranchero Software. Check it out.


Check out this link. Whoever wins, a Bush is in office. T'aint that depressing?


We are now less than two weeks away from the election, and I have a sexxxy new web site design to show for it. The countdown to the election is right above this post, as well. W00tninja!


Today I got a cryptic message from my ISP.

"It has been brought to our attention that a PC in your home may be compromised with a computer virus. Please ensure that you have virus software that is updated on your computer and run a virus scan as soon as possible.

In an effort to maintain the integrity of our network, your outgoing e-mail capabilities have been temporarily blocked.

Once you have identified and resolved the virus issue, please contact our Customer Care Center at the number below to have your access restored."

Talk about a passive way to stop spam. I'm on an all-Mac network, BTW.

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