Already popping up on blogs everywhere (for instance, Erik Barzeski brought it up, as did Brian from Unsanity), the debate has been over for about 45 minutes.

Kerry won. Totally.

Kerry came across as cool, calm, collected, and organized. Bush came across as shuffling, inconsistent, and just generally unprepared. He said "it's hard work" 11 times. He started off somewhat strong, but became hokey and dissheveled. He came at Kerry with the same response like 3 or 4 times, to different questions. Something to the effect of "You can't say to our troops 'wrong place, wrong time, wrong war'. Our troops can't rely on a commander in chief who doesn't know where he stands." Kerry would then come back with a swift response and leave the president speechless.



Nine more funny pictures have been added to the archive. Some I found with titles, some I had to add.

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I know it's been 8 months since we all got to see far more of Janet Jackson's right tit than we wanted to, but the money is going to start flowing. The FCC has fined Viacom $550,000 for losing control of her nipple during the Super Bowl.

Now, I understand how anal soccer moms can be about having their precious 7 yaer old hear someone say "shit" on TV. I don't agree with it, but I do understand that the yuppies in our country who seem to know what's better for me than I do have to impose their will on me by ensuring that TV that I watch is degraded so that children don't grow up with potty mouths.

But this is fucking stupid.

$550,000 for a nipple that was on screen for about a half second? COME ON. It was unintentional. It wasn't "explicit". It was a goddamned boob.

We need to grow up in this country. Very few countries of the world are forced to censor entertainment they pay for, and we happen to be one of them.


My funny pictures forum is back online.


I wrote a neat little app that lets you eject iPods from the menu bar. It's called menuPod. I'm unsure whether I'm going to release it under Wonder Warp or not. That's the icon.

Work has continued on my other major OS X app. It's shaping together quite nicely.


In my second Electoral College-related post today/of all time, I look at how much of the popular vote a candidate needs to become president. This is based off of statistical data from the 2000 US Census and simple data derived from Microsoft Excel, using simple mathematics.

While the preciseness of the percentage I will give is questionable, it is no doubt a very ineresting insight into just how inaccurate the Electoral College may be. And the result will shock you. For this, I used freely available 2000 census information, available on the US census website. Here's a link to it.

Download US Census Data

I then painstakingly input everything into an Excel file. Here that is.

Download Excel Spreadsheet

From left to right, the columns go as follows: 1) Name 2) Population 3) Electoral votes 4) Population/Electoral Votes ratio (how many people there are in the state, divided by how many electoral votes the state gets)

What I did is I sorted the data by the population-to-votes ratio, with the smallest numbers on top. If the ratio is low, that means there are fewer people for each representative. This would ensure we get the lowest possible number of popular votes (remember, we're going for the theoretical lowest necessary popular vote here). I managed to get the precise number of votes you need to be president - 270 - out of 39 states.

Then, I added up the entire number of popular votes in all of the states. 121,086,982 people in those states. Then, since I was again aiming for the minimum, I took 51% of the number, which resulted in the just-scraping-by amount of people to win the state's electoral votes. This left me with 61,754,361 people.

In a country of 281,424,177 people, we get our percentage.

Drum roll...

To be President of the United States, you need to get a whopping 22% of the popular vote to

Current projection has Kerry up by 40 votes. And it's apparently based on real polls.

Hah. Yeah right. But we can dream.


Math geeks only!

I think I've come up with a practical application of the 3rd derivative. My pre-calc teacher agrees with me.

Our application revolves around a car. When the gas pedal is pressed and held at a constant rate, the engine accelerates the car. The 2nd derivative is the rate of acceleration. The 3rd derivative in this instance is the rate at which the gas pedal is depressed, thus accelerating the acceleration.

Ph33r my math skillz.


Apple has recently started an affiliate program for iTunes. And I'm now a member. If you're going to buy something and want to be nice to me, you can point your browser to (bookmark it!), and just click in your web browser to automatically be pointed to the iTunes Music Store.

There is also an iTunes Top 10 feed in the sidebar, as well as an iTunes badge on the sidebar.


I've recently discovered the brilliant animated comedy show, Aqua Teen Hunger Force. My favorite character, Frylock, is a thing of french fries and a goatee. I was bored and created an icon of him. There is an ICNS inside of an icon folder.

Download Frylock Icon

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