August is upon us. The AlchemyTV should be here Monday, the first Red Vs Blue DVDs started shipping for sponsors, and the Cleveland Browns are winning in their season 7-2.

Work was business as usual, however punctuated by a bunch of Final Fantasy X (Tidus and the gang just killed Lord Seymour). And that's it. Oh, and for you Cocoa geeks, I did some more work on a subclass of NSTableView I'm doing.



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Check this awesome schedule out for this weekend.

Friday: 3 PM to some time around 9 or 10 PM Saturday: 10 AM to some time after 8 PM Sunday: 10 AM to some time after 8 PM

And then next week, Mon-Fri I'm working 8 AM until 4 PM. It's good money but its a lot of time.


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By the very nature of this article, it will feature some words that can be considered obscene and offensive. Use your discretion when reading it.

Language is a powerful tool. We can use it to communicate needs, wants, desires, requests, commands, and inquiries. It can help us convey emotion, symbolism, meaning, depth, and feeling. Its extent is driven into our entire lives, like a stake into the ground. We use language in every aspect of our lives. This page was written using language.

I dunno.

And yet, language is not perfect. We cannot truly describe something, like the taste of an apple or what color really is. Also, language exists because of itself. Sounds confusing, but its true. Every word in a language is merely made up of other words. No exceptions. For example, take the sentence "The dog's nose is wet and cold." You understand what that means. However, you can't prove that it means that the above sentence means that there is a dog, with a nose, and that the nose is both wet and cold. We can break the sentence into a greater definition, though, such as "A carnivorous mammal of the family Canida has a part of the head which contains nostrils and organs of smell which is soaked with a liquid in addition to having a low temperature." You could define that sentence further. And further. And further. And further an infinite number of times because there are no de facto laws of language. Everything exists because of everything else. In relation to math, there is no language theorem.

Another flaw of language is that we, humans, created it. It is an imperfect system that contains many flaws. One of these prolific flaws is our rule that certain words are "swear words" or "curse words". Examples of this include damn, ass, bitch, shit, and the almighty Hitler of swear words, fuck. Those are generic, English examples. We can get more specific with words that deal with males, such as dick and cock, or words that deal with females such as cunt.

Some swear words are just silly. Take "shit" for instance. A literal meaning of the word, when not used negatively, means the same thing as poop or feces. What this means is that you can use one of two words: poop or shit. They mean exactly the same thing, except one of them somehow is "bad". That is truly ridiculous. Another example of this is ass and buttocks. Yet another, once again, the F-bomb itself, to fuck or to have sex or to make love. All of them are perfectly synonymous with one another, yet one of them is a swear word. It is truly ridiculous.

Where did swear words come from? Who is the supreme authority on what words are "bad"? Are there certain criteria that must be adhered to? Or is it some guy just sitting there in the middle of nowhere, flipping through a Webster's, and determining words are bad? I have a theory. Swear words originated from the Catholic Church.

I don't belong to one of these.

Take a look at two of them. "Damn" and "Hell". To damn someone is to curse


Creating your own universe is simple! Wouldn't you love to impress your friends, conduct vital experiments, and solve universal questions? Who wouldn't? You'd have to be crazy to pass up an opportunity like this. To create your very own universe, all you need is a whole lot of energy in any form (and by "a whole lot", I mean "get as much fucking stuff as you possibly can, multiply it by 100, and then you're at 0.001% of the barest minimum you might be able to get away with"), a really, really, really big (infinitely large is a good term here), totally empty space, and the ability to create a single constant of your universe. Oh, and you'll also need a LOT of time. How much time? How does trillions of Earth years sound?

Haha! I got one! You don't! 😛

Our universe is based on one rule - energy. The entire thing is got energy everywhere. Heat, matter, sound, light, radiation, kinetic, potential, X-rays, and plasma are just a few forms of energy. Our entire universe can base itself entropically on one law - energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it can be changed. Conservation of energy lets us know that whatever stuff we had we will have until the end of time. So, if you're modeling your universe on ours, just stick all of your energy in the big empty space and WHAM! You have your very own universe!

After that, all you have to do is sit back and wait. For a long time. A really...really...really long time. Eventually, as time goes on, energy will gather (since, by definition, energy can be kinetic, and energy can change forms, energy is able to move- BAM! Your universe's second constant! We're on a roll!) and form masses as it changes into solid matter. As more and more energy gathers, it'll eventually form one super ball o' stuff. Then, all you need is some kind of really big bang or something, perhaps caused by conservation of energy's ability to change energy, to get the mass to spread itself out over your universe in chunks. How convenient is that?

And, since there aren't any major forces acting upon it, the masses of energy will just keep on moving - WHAM! Your third universal constant - an object in motion tends to stay in motion! So, they'll keep on spreading out and, who knows, maybe they will have gone and impacted and formed planets, asteroids, meteors, and the like. Or they could've formed giant balls of gas. Or they could've become really compressed for whatever reason and turn into black holes. However your energy manipulates itself is up to it, and there is not really a way to make it do your bidding. That's OK, though. Who buys an ant farm for its tremendous relocation abilities?

Yup. One of these, too.

So, we're probably trillions of Earth years into your universe, and already we're seeing basic symbols that reflect our universe. Planets, asteroids, meteors, and stars are all there. What's missing? Life. Our Earth scientists don't know how life started (we have theories of course - plasma being a big one), but regardless, your universe will eventually show the simplest forms of life. Prokaryotes will begin to show up in places that are capable of sustaining life, unless you are really unlucky and don't have any planets near enough to a sun to keep water liquid. If that's the case, either wait it out or you're screwed. However, since somewhere in your universe, you've probably got that, watch those few that exhibit the signs of prokaryotic existence. All they'll do is wander a millimeter or two in their life, but eventually they'll replicate into another. As mass replication occurs, evolution will take its toll (over thousands of years, sure), and we'll have some slightly more advanced organisms to observe. Imagine what that little no-chromosome-no-real-microorgan single cell must've thought when all of a sudden he spwaned off this more advanced unit. Or, for a closer-to-home example, imagine that you bought a new computer, like a really really old IBM computer (back in the days of DOS - what's that, daddy?), and the next day they revealed a computer that would be more powerful than today's think tank supercomputers...and it sold for less. You'd feel shitted on too.

Over the next few million years, life will become more and more complicated, and even at one point pass you evolutionarily (if you're still alive after the trillions of years it took for this ordeal to take place). That notwithstanding, for the little effort it took to create a universe, look at the immense reward you can achieve from it.

Not to mention, massive bragging rights to your friends.

I have no comment. And I don't need one.

The RIAA has become a household name in the few years. Ask someone who has been living under a rock since 1998 what the RIAA is and they'll probably smack you for making it up. Today, however, you aren't able to find a person that doesn't know about the RIAA. In making themselves infamous, they're making themselves enemies of consumers, which they've done by suing their customers for stealing music.

Techincally, if we're going to brand these people, let's get the name right. When you purchase a CD, a piece of computer software, a book...anything, really, you aren't actually purchasing the CD, piece of software, etc. You are purchasing a license, which gives you the right to use it. However, that license is a legal document that says what you can and cannot do. "Stealing" music isn't really possible, because, in effect, you'd be stealing the right to use the music in ANY POSSIBLE WAY, which includes putting it on the radio, putting it in video games, etc. So, instead of calling these people "music thieves", which isn't possible, let's describe them as what they really are. They are really just "license circumventers".

Now, admit it to yourself. If someone arrested you and called you a license circumventer, would you take them seriously? Would a judge? Would a jury? Of course not. Well, maybe they would, but it would get the point across better with "music thief". License circumvention sounds stupid. Music thief sounds more malignant, more damaging.

License circumvention was brought to the mainstream with a wonderful program named Napster. After that, it just began to snowball as more and more people signed up, more and more songs were downloaded, and more and more services were created to feed the public's desire for free music. Of course, Big Brother wasn't too happy with this, and started fighting back, to no avail.

So, this is a problem. What can be done about it? The problem lies a few places. One, the RIAA sat on this for too long. They should have realized back in the days of Napster that the Internet is a very lucrative, viable platform for moving music. If Apple's music store is a demonstration of the inclination of the future, 500k songs a week is not bad at all. And that's just representing, what, 5% of the home market share? Spread the same, easy rules to every computer user, and that'll go up by a factor of 10 or more. The RIAA must also realize that times change, and people change with it. The fact that they've been getting free music for the past 5 years is going to create a tough sell to get people to pay $20 for a CD with 8 songs on it again.

So that brings us to now. The RIAA has dug itself it into a hole and there is no getting out of it. I'm sitting here, hoping that this whole thing causes the RIAA to dissolve. They make too much money, and they sue 12 year olds. Really great system they're running here...


I write to you today in an angry mood. I just saw a TV broadcast by the network CBN on May's E3 show in LA. I've never heard of this network before, but there they were. And just as any media group would report video games, this had a negative feeling right from the start. They went and showed off only games that had conflicting content, such as Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Outlaw Golf, BMX XXX, (at E3?) Dead or Alive Online, etc. The highlight of the entire show was to emphasize as much sex, gore, and Satanism as possible...or at least thats the impression given by this report.

Apparently, we're all still playing this!

They brought out a representitive from Enlightened Entertainment, a company who makes Christian video games. He immediately started bashing all kinds of games left and right, for having views "in conflict with the Church". Then, they started talking about how it really wasn't the parents' responsibility to make sure all of their games are appropriate for the children. Its apparently up to the software companies.

Don't get me wrong. I am a full supporter of making sure children don't see the violent content of many video games. Some kids just aren't old enough to understand these things. However, I don't think that games should be censored, just like movies, books, and music shouldn't be censored. It's the parents' job and responsibility to monitor what a child plays. But notice. Its these soccer moms who keep raising fights for these censorships and laws. Why? Laziness. These people don't want to check what their kids are playing, yet they want laws preventing them. I don't know about you guys, but I smell a bit of hypocricy.

What didn't they show? Sonic Heroes, a game that emphasizes teamwork and little violence. Mario and Luigi, same deal. Basically, if it would be considered allowable, they did not include it. Sure, they're trying to prove a point that this is all the entertainment industry is about any more. But it is irresponsible news reporting.

I have so much more I wish I could cover. Columbine, the effects of violent video games, the occult...but I'll leave on this. For many media outlets, the only way to sell is to bash something, and it seems video games are today's punching bag. Take everything with a grain of salt. But its up to every reader here to spread the word. The only way video games are going to be taken seriously by people is if people show how serious the industry is. Numbers can only go so far.


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