Introducing Tubular, the brand new YouTube client for OS X. Why would you want a YouTube client? Simple.

  • It’s pretty. Tubular was designed to have a simple, elegant, and out-of-the-way user interface that still manages to look gorgeous. With icons designed by Cyril Seillet and Tom Stoelwinder, and a user interface designed with the collective wisdom of dozens of people, Tubular is simply beautiful.
  • It’s familiar. Anyone who has used iTunes will feel right at home with Tubular’s look and feel. We’ve taken the UI ideas given to us by iTunes and ran with them, producing a user interface that is intuitive and usable.
  • It’s useful. Features like one-click iPod conversion and drag-and-drop playback really give Tubular incredible utility to anyone who uses it.

We’ll be unveiling more about Tubular in the next couple weeks. You can go check out the blog at, where I’ll be posting updates periodically.