ARGH! There's a goddamn media frenzy over CNET's sudden burst of credible and reliable rumor mongering that suddenly spouted what was discredited by the majority of the Mac rumor community - Apple in bed with Intel. Rather than blog my opinion about it, because I'm not sure if I have one at this point, I'm going to compile a compendium of blogs and news sites that link to CNET about it, and plaster this info all over their home page.

I'm not saying whether this is a bullshit call or not, or whether I agree with it, I'm just commenting on how quickly the Internet can cause a media frenzy over a rumor. Read on. Mac Daily News Slashdot MacRumors Engadget MacSlash Gizmodo Ars Technica MacNN Kevin Rose's blog Scobleizer NeoWin Stuff The Mac Observer Reuters Digg ZDNet Fark MacBytes

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