I will be buying a certain Apple device in the next week or so. And I wanted to make a little graphic to symbolize that on here. So, I made it in a spotlight. And here I'm going to show just how I did it.

This tutorial assumes you have two things: Photoshop, and something you want spotlighted (spotlit?). When I tell you to apply X filter, and then give out a bunch of numbers, those are just the numbers I used. Feel free to change them in any way. It's your project, and there is more to art than a bunch of integers.

1) Create a new image. We'll make ours at 512x512. You can make it whatever size you want, but for the sake of this article, that's what I'm going to use.
2) Fill the background with a dark color. Like, say, black. This isn't necessary in the final image if you're exporting with translucency, but it'll help us see our work.
3) Find a pattern you'd like to make as your floor. I used a wood floor, found here. Paste it in your image. Do any color correction you want (I'm using a hue/saturation layer adjustment with hue: -10, saturation +32, and brightness: 0).
4) Go to Edit>Transform>Perspective. Make it look like a trapezoid with a wide base, as seen to the right. It should not cover the entire image.
5) Create a new layer. Using an ellipse marquee tool, highlight a narrow oval of the floor you just transformed. Fill it with white, and deselect it. This will be the light on the floor. (don't worry, we'll make it look better in a second.
6) On the new layer, use a gaussian blur with a radius of 5 pixels. Set the layer's graphical mode to Overlay.
7) Highlight the entire image. With the mouse tool selected, nudge it a bit to select just the pixels that aren't transparent. Go to Select>Modify>Expand, and expand it by 10 pixels.
😎 Select the floor layer. Go to Layer>Add Layer Mask>Reveal Selection.
9) Create a layer above all of the others. Highlight a box that goes from the top of the image to where the spotlight is.
10) A spotlight's beam has bright edges and a darker interior. What better way to do that than with a gradient? Create one with all white background, and at the ends, 70% opacity, with 30% opacity in the middle. Fill your box with that.
11) Go to Edit>Transform>Distort. Again, make another trapezoidal shape out of this. If you want the spotlight to shoot from an angle, you can do that too by changing the distortion.
12) Perform another gaussian blur on the beam, with the same radius.
13) Switch to the spotlight oval layer again, highlight all of the pixels like before (but don't expand this time), and switch back to the beam layer. Go to Layer>Add Layer Mask>Hide Selection.
14) And with that, the hard part's over. Now, paste in your object. I'll add in a little Aqua ball.
15) Go to Filter>Render>Lighting Effects. The numbers are really a matter of your object and how they'd refract the light, but you need only to make the light point from the top down.
16) Add your shadowing beneath it and you're done!

And now, the final image:

Download the PSD