I write to you today in an angry mood. I just saw a TV broadcast by the network CBN on May's E3 show in LA. I've never heard of this network before, but there they were. And just as any media group would report video games, this had a negative feeling right from the start. They went and showed off only games that had conflicting content, such as Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Outlaw Golf, BMX XXX, (at E3?) Dead or Alive Online, etc. The highlight of the entire show was to emphasize as much sex, gore, and Satanism as possible...or at least thats the impression given by this report.

Apparently, we're all still playing this!

They brought out a representitive from Enlightened Entertainment, a company who makes Christian video games. He immediately started bashing all kinds of games left and right, for having views "in conflict with the Church". Then, they started talking about how it really wasn't the parents' responsibility to make sure all of their games are appropriate for the children. Its apparently up to the software companies.

Don't get me wrong. I am a full supporter of making sure children don't see the violent content of many video games. Some kids just aren't old enough to understand these things. However, I don't think that games should be censored, just like movies, books, and music shouldn't be censored. It's the parents' job and responsibility to monitor what a child plays. But notice. Its these soccer moms who keep raising fights for these censorships and laws. Why? Laziness. These people don't want to check what their kids are playing, yet they want laws preventing them. I don't know about you guys, but I smell a bit of hypocricy.

What didn't they show? Sonic Heroes, a game that emphasizes teamwork and little violence. Mario and Luigi, same deal. Basically, if it would be considered allowable, they did not include it. Sure, they're trying to prove a point that this is all the entertainment industry is about any more. But it is irresponsible news reporting.

I have so much more I wish I could cover. Columbine, the effects of violent video games, the occult...but I'll leave on this. For many media outlets, the only way to sell is to bash something, and it seems video games are today's punching bag. Take everything with a grain of salt. But its up to every reader here to spread the word. The only way video games are going to be taken seriously by people is if people show how serious the industry is. Numbers can only go so far.