By the very nature of this article, it will feature some words that can be considered obscene and offensive. Use your discretion when reading it.

Language is a powerful tool. We can use it to communicate needs, wants, desires, requests, commands, and inquiries. It can help us convey emotion, symbolism, meaning, depth, and feeling. Its extent is driven into our entire lives, like a stake into the ground. We use language in every aspect of our lives. This page was written using language.

I dunno.

And yet, language is not perfect. We cannot truly describe something, like the taste of an apple or what color really is. Also, language exists because of itself. Sounds confusing, but its true. Every word in a language is merely made up of other words. No exceptions. For example, take the sentence "The dog's nose is wet and cold." You understand what that means. However, you can't prove that it means that the above sentence means that there is a dog, with a nose, and that the nose is both wet and cold. We can break the sentence into a greater definition, though, such as "A carnivorous mammal of the family Canida has a part of the head which contains nostrils and organs of smell which is soaked with a liquid in addition to having a low temperature." You could define that sentence further. And further. And further. And further an infinite number of times because there are no de facto laws of language. Everything exists because of everything else. In relation to math, there is no language theorem.

Another flaw of language is that we, humans, created it. It is an imperfect system that contains many flaws. One of these prolific flaws is our rule that certain words are "swear words" or "curse words". Examples of this include damn, ass, bitch, shit, and the almighty Hitler of swear words, fuck. Those are generic, English examples. We can get more specific with words that deal with males, such as dick and cock, or words that deal with females such as cunt.

Some swear words are just silly. Take "shit" for instance. A literal meaning of the word, when not used negatively, means the same thing as poop or feces. What this means is that you can use one of two words: poop or shit. They mean exactly the same thing, except one of them somehow is "bad". That is truly ridiculous. Another example of this is ass and buttocks. Yet another, once again, the F-bomb itself, to fuck or to have sex or to make love. All of them are perfectly synonymous with one another, yet one of them is a swear word. It is truly ridiculous.

Where did swear words come from? Who is the supreme authority on what words are "bad"? Are there certain criteria that must be adhered to? Or is it some guy just sitting there in the middle of nowhere, flipping through a Webster's, and determining words are bad? I have a theory. Swear words originated from the Catholic Church.

I don't belong to one of these.

Take a look at two of them. "Damn" and "Hell". To damn someone is to curse